Boží dar

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Our pension is located in the vicinity of interesting tourist sites. Visitors can visit museums, sports complexes, ski slopes in Boží Dar and in the neighbouring Saxon Oberwiesenthal, aquacentres, nature trails, cyclists can use several marked cycling routes in the cycling season.

The world-famous radon baths are not far from Boží Dar Jáchymov, the pearl of the world spa industry – the spa Karlovy Vary and the Saxon spa Oberwiesenthal.



Boží Dar Museum

The exposition of the Museum of Local History in Boží Dar deals with the history of the highest town in Central Europe. The museum is housed in the same building as the town hall and the Information Centre. You will also find Santa’s post office here.

Entrance to the museum is free.


Jáchymov Museum

The building of the former mint, situated above the town hall on the square of the important upper town, is exhibited with pomp commensurate with its importance. A single-storey Renaissance house with a tower-like bay window, a mausoleum and a rectangular courtyard. The building dates back to 1534-36 and has been rebuilt several times in its present form.


Rittersgrün Museum

The railway brought the Saxon border village of Rittersgrün to the end of the 19th century. In the early 1900s, not only did travel become easier and the nearby industrial plants were supplied more quickly, but also tourism. The narrow-gauge railway ran from Grünstädtel to Oberrittersgrün and continued to operate regularly until 1971.

Nature trails

Božídara peat bog

The Božídar Peat Bog Nature Trail focuses on history, geology, forestry, ecology, zoology and botany. The 3.2 km long trail offers 12 informative stops. It leads mainly along wooden walkways. The trail has recently undergone a complete reconstruction. The trail begins and ends at the square in Boží Dar.

Blatenský ditch

The Blatenský příkop nature trail focuses on ecology, history, mining, forestry and the original technical use of the navigation channel. The trail runs along this unique technical work. You can pick up a guide to this popular nature trail at the Boží Dar information centre.

Cycle routes

Circuit around Klínovec

A circuit leading from Boží Dar through the Božidarská peat bogs nature reserve past the Eduard mine to Jáchymov and from there over the highest peak of the Ore Mountains – Klínovec back to Boží Dar. The route is demanding mainly due to the climb to Klínovec, where it is necessary to overcome a height difference of over 500 m.

Circuit around Boží Dar

Boží Dar – Jahodovka signpost – Jáchymov – Božídarský Špičák – U Černé – Boží Dar. The 26.9 km long circuit to Boží Dar and back to Boží Dar offers a visit to the Church of St. Anne’s Church, the Royal Mint, Šliknov Castle, etc.

Swimming pools


Aquacentrum Agricola Jáchymov

For lovers of the water element, the Jáchymov spa is a true paradise! The pool offers 2 swimming lanes with a length of 25 m, the remaining part of the pool is used for fun activities. The pool has side massage jets, bottom massage grates and a waterfall. Children and parents will have fun on the water slide with its own finish pool.


Aquacentrum Geyer

The water world in Geyer is about 37 km from Boží Dar. In addition to many water attractions, the local centre offers a restaurant, wellness, aerobics classes, sauna, etc.

Water attractions in the Geyer aquatic centre: wave pool, wild water (80 m long channel), children’s pool with slide, water cave, whirlpool, outdoor pool with polo court and sunbathing area, water carousel, family slide, “black hole” slide with light effects.


Hotel Nástup Loučná pod Klínovcem

Hotel Nástup pod Klínovcem allows access to its hotel pool to the public. For a fee, you can also rent a sauna, towel and bathrobe.

The relaxing swimming pool of the Hotel Nástup is equipped with:

massage jets, waterfall, pearl, water mushroom.

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